Garden Crew

Garden Leadership

Gina Gregorio

Gina Gregorio is an Adjunct Professor wuth CCE in the Fashion Department & Textile Minor. She is invested in advancing sustainability goals within the field of Textile Design through the creation of the Textile Dye Garden and throughout her teaching practice.

Isa Rodrigues

Isa Rodrigues is a textile artist and educator, faculty in the fashion department at Pratt, and co-lead of the textile dye garden project. She loves the delicate beauty of black hollyhocks, and the range of color they create. 

Saltie (RIP)

Saltie, beloved canine representative, was the lead technician in the grass-eating department and Assistant Director of pats and scritches. Her spirit lives on in the garden. 

Saltie Forever!

Current Members

Pearl Wood

Pearl Wood is a film major with a minor in sustainability, and she has worked in the garden since Fall of her sophomore year. She loves spending time in the garden collaborating with the team, caring for the plants, and learning about natural dye processes. One of her favorite flowers in the garden are the marigolds! 

Griselda Pena Candelario


Sarina Greene

Sarina Greene is a writing major who has been working for the Dye Garden since the summer of 2023. Besides essential gardening duties, she acts as head social media manager @PrattDyeGarden on TikTok and Instagram. Her favorite flower is the Black-eyed Susan because of the poetic folktales that stem from them! 

Natalie Helsel

Natalie Helsel is a Creative Writing student minoring in Gender & Sexuality Studies. Natalie led the paper making project and loves facilitating workshops at the garden. 

Beata Belogolovsky

Beata Belogolovsky is a graphic design major with a minor in sustainability studies. She is currently focused on educating others on sustainability through her design practice and she enjoys learning about natural dye techniques. Her favorite flowers are lilacs because they bloom during her birthday month. 

Aislinn Hird

Aislinn Hird is a Communications Design major with an Illustration emphasis and a minor in Creative Writing. She loves plant symbolism, apothecary, and the medicinal uses of plants. These contexts often inform the content and illuminated aspects of her paintings and writing. Her favorite dye plants are bachelor buttons: their blue flower is so joyous, and they symbolize new home blessings, new beginnings, and friendship! 

Misheelt Batkhurel 

Misheelt Batkhurel is an aspiring architect who’s transferred to Pratt in 2021. His favorite flower is the sunflower because how vibrant they look. Sunflowers also remind him of summer and warm weather. 

Ewa Miano

Ewa-Maria Miano is a graphic design junior from Yonkers, NY. She’s really into natural dyes for printmaking processes and ceramics for garden decoration. Her favorite flower in the garden is the hydrangeas because of their symbolism (deep emotion).

Georgia Davidson

Georgia Davidson is a film major sophomore who has been working at the garden since Fall of 2023. They love every kind of art form and being able to use natural materials makes it all the more special to them. Their favorite flower is the red rose because of its fragrance, witchy properties, and they love the color red. 

Alin Kutan

Alin Kutan is an architecture student. Her favorite flower is water lilies because they belong to the water, if you take them out they close up and hide their beauty. This grounds her to trust nature and not interfere with it. 

Shweta Rajesh

Shweta Rajesh is a fashion design major at Pratt. She started working in the Dye Garden in Fall 2023. Her favorite flower is the Frangipani flower because of the way the yellow in the center of the flower merges into white. She also has a tattoo of it. 

Ela Segrave-Daly

Ela Segrave-Daly is a sculpture major who transferred to Pratt this year. This is her first semester working in the Dye Garden, however, she spent the past two summers working on vegetables and flower farms. She is looking forward to learning more about natural dye processes and her favorite flower is the Icelandic Poppy. 


Ana Codorean

Ana Codorean is a first-year graduate student at Pratt's Art and Design Education program. She was the recipient of a 2022 Pratt  STEAMplant grant, working in collaboration with the Textile Dye Garden and Pratt faculty to create a 4th grade unit on natural dyes through the lens of ecology, chemistry, and weaving. Ana received her BFA from Rhode Island School of design and prior to Pratt, she worked as a textile designer. She is interested in bridging art education with sustainability and permaculture.

Mina Afkhami

Mina Afkhami is a BFA 2022 graduate in Fashion Design at Pratt Institute and double minor in Textiles and Sustainability Studies. She enjoys working with both organic and unconventional materials to develop experimental and ecologically friendly artwork.

Lyric Caramto

Lyric Caramto is a BFA 2022 graduate in Fashion Design at Pratt Institute, double minoring in Sustainability Studies and Textiles. Originally from Upstate New York, she is interested in incorporating sustainable materials and translating personal experiences into her work.

Erin Benard

Erin Benard is a senior Printmaking major and double minor in Textiles and Art and Design Education. Her main practice involves working with recycled materials in order to create textile prints for new use.

Arabella Littlefield

Arabella is a BFA 2022 graduate  in Fashion Design at Pratt Institute with a minor in Art History. She enjoys working with and cataloging natural dyes and dye methods to apply to her design practice.

Ife Oluwamuyide

Ife Oluwamuyide is a senior Printmaking major with a double minor in Art and Design Education and History of Art and Design. Her practice involves creating pattern-based work with dyes. She is interested in delving deeper into the world of natural dyeing.

Annie McWilliams

Annie McWilliams is a senior Fashion Design major. She uses natural dyes often as most of her work is textile based and is inspired by nature.

Harshita Sharma

Harshita Sharma is a first year graduate student at Pratt's Ms Packaging, Identities and System design program, she is interested in creating universally accessible design solutions with a commitment to sustainability. Aspiring to be able to create packaging that is 'Made to be Made again"