Low Water Bundle Dyeing

We began the workshop with a tour of the garden, and participants were able to learn about the different plants available for dyeing with.

People began collecting fresh flowers from the garden and arranging them onto the pre-mordanted fabric we provided.

Marigold, goldenrod, dahlias, bachelor's button, and some mystery plants in Cannoneer Court were used.

We also provided madder root, turmeric powder, onion skin, and foraged walnut for dyeing with.

After completing an arrangement on the fabric, the fabric is spritzed with vinegar and rolled up. This roll is encased in a muslin bundle to prevent water from soaking the fabric during steaming.

Bundles are steamed for about 20 minutes.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the surprise of unwrapping the bundles after steaming to see what had appeared.

Some participants chose to use color modifiers after steaming. We had Soda Ash to brighten the color, and Iron Water to dull the color.

The beautiful fabrics hanging to dry after rinsing.