Drawing Ink Recipe

Materials: Tempered glass bowl, bowl, glass muller, container for ink, sieve, mortar & pestle

Pigment Used For Swatch: Madder root lake pigment (LC)


Paint Making Steps

1. Grind down pigment in a mortar and pestle to avoid clumps. Then strain the pigment through a sieve into a bowl.

2. In a separate tempered glass bowl add 1.5 tsp gum Arabic.

3. Add water and pigment 1 tbsp at a time into a tempered glass bowl containing Gum Arabic. Mull the mixture each time a portion is added.

4. Once the full amount of each ingredient has been added and mulled pour the ink into a sealed container of your choice.

Note: Typically drawing ink is made with concentrated pigments that can then be watered down. Feel free to use darker shades like walnut, gall iron, logwood etc to create an ink that can be used to write with.